2019    Internship with Jan Kempenaers in Antwerp
2016 - 2020 Photography, Bachelor of Design, HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht
2012 - 2016 Bachelor of Built Environment, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Exhibitions (solo)
2022    Filmtheater Kriterion, Amsterdam, NL

Exhibitions (group)
2022    (upcoming) Connection, Galerie Bart, Amsterdam, NL
2022    (upcoming) Kloof United, Kunsthal Kloof, Utrecht, NL
2022    Setting the Stage: Photography as Object and Prop, Lusuolo Castle, IT
2022    next stop - chop shop, Kunsthal Kloof, Utrecht, NL
2021     De Belofte 16, Kunstliefde, Utrecht, NL
2021     Keep an Eye Award Show, FOTODOK, Utrecht, NL
2021     Material Evidence of what does not Exist, UNSEEN Book Market, Amsterdam, NL
2021     Seeing the Unseen, Galerie Pouloeuff, Naarden, NL 
2021     Becoming Moveable Statues, city centre of Utrecht, NL
2021     Remnants of a Moment, Kunstliefde, Utrecht, NL
2020    Parallax Views, AG, Utrecht, NL
2020    HKU Photography Graduation Show, FOTODOK, Utrecht, NL 
2019     Het kan niet altijd feest zijn, Café Boothill, Utrecht, NL
2019     The sponge, the clay, the brick, the bridge, UNSEEN, Amsterdam, NL

Awards / Nominations
2021     Shortlisted for Urbanautica Institute Awards 2020
2020    Selected participant FOTODOK Lighthouse: Talent Program
2020    Winner Keep an Eye Photography Stipendium
2020    Finalist Blurring the Lines 2020

Artist Books
2021     Material Evidence of what does not Exist

Commissioned work
2022   De Correspondent: Zo worden de huizen van de toekomst waterproof

Publications / Press
Portretten van een nieuwe lichting fotografen, MAGjeZIENenHOREN #5!
De kunst van het kijken, Seeing the Unseen, Galerie Pouloeuff, Gooi- en Eemlander
    Interview with Steve Bisson on Urbanautica
2021    Self-image: Personal stories during Moveable Statues at Domplein
2020   Blurring the Lines catalog, published by Urbanautica Institute

Lectures / Seminars
2022   Lecture at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht
2022   Mentor project ErfGoed in Beeld for Omgevingseducatie and Alberdingk Thijm
              Mavo, Hilversum
2021    Workshop photography for Kunst & Economie at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht,
              together with Jonna Bruinsma
2021     Moderator at online conference Blurring the Lines 2021
2021     Lighthouse the podcast: Daan Russcher & David Hamers
2021     Artist talk at Photography Lunch Talks, Paris College of Art

In his visual work, Daan Russcher searches for new ways to depict the urban environment. His attention is focused on the frayed edges of the city: indeterminate transitional areas that at first sight are difficult to 'read'. Most people only visit them as passers-by and have no eye for the often banal surroundings.

What fascinates Russcher is the raw and unpolished quality of such areas. In an intuitive way, he tries to expose the individual character of these places. By means of his camera, he scans the material surface, looking for something to hold on to.

He uses his photography and the materials he finds on the spot – through deconstruction and reconstruction – to create new images that incite an active way of looking.


Daan Russcher (1995)
Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands