Daan Russcher

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Standing Stones

Material Evidence of
what does not Exist

A Threefold Experience
of Spaces




          © Daan Russcher

‘A Threefold Experience of Spaces’ has its beginnings in the way I first encountered the physical environment of the industrial property in the periphery of the city of Utrecht. Passing by its immense structure almost every day, the area first caught my eye because of its raw character. However, it was also a place of banality - one which I could hardly absorb or reflect on once I wasn’t near it.

In order to pervade this banality, this project focuses on the material fragments and characterics of this peripheral area. Through photographs, found and self-made material (like concrete), I deconstruct and fragment this illusive industrial space and create my own. By bringing the fragmented works back to the place they were once from, I re-relate them to their place of origin and create a tension between the different realities they hold.